Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ribbon (Or Tie-Waist) Tutu

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Aren't those babies wearing tutus SO adorable? I think so, which is why I love making them and and why I love putting them on my daughter whenever I can find a good reason. Last weekend, she wore one just because we were going downtown.

Today, I made one because I want to have my kids pictures done with University of GA theme. My daughter has a UGA onesie, and my son has a shirt. I just need a way to dress up my daughter more than just a onesie. What better way to do that than with a UGA tutu.

This tutorial works for any ribbon and even if you don't want any ribbon in it. 

Materials needed:
Tulle (how much depends on the size of the child and the length you want to make it. For my 6 month old daughter, I use 2-3 yards, I think)
Ribbon for the waist (I try to make it match the color of my tulle unless it's multi-colored, then I try to make it match the lightest color)
Decorative Ribbon for the tutu
Measuring Tape

Step 1:      Your first step is to measure the waist of the person that is going to be wearing the tutu and then add 12-14 inches and cut your waist ribbon (for me it's the black ribbon since my tutu is black) that length. The extra amount of ribbon that will be used to tie the ribbon closed.

Step 2:     Once you have your waist ribbon cut, you'll need to tie the knots  at the end of the ribbon that will hold the tulle in place. How much extra did you measure after measuring the waist? I measured 12 inches. You want half of this length on each end of your ribbon before the knot so you will be able to tie your tutu closed. So for me, I measured 6 inches in:

and tied a knot.

Step 3:     Next you need to cut out strips of tulle. This is usually the most time consuming part.  You first have to decide the length you want the tutu. For  my 6 month old daughter (and most infants), I wanted her length to be 6 1/2." Once you decide on the length, you need to double it. So for me, the length of my tulle strips are 13." Once you know the length, you also have to decide how wide you want the strips. Most of the time the strips are anywhere from 5"-6" wide. Mine are 6." So I need strips that 6" x 13." Don't worry if your strips aren't perfect. You won't be able to tell once the skirt is made.
     *Note: Some craft and fabric stores sell rolls of tulle like ribbon that are already 6" wide, so all you
                 have to is cut the length. While these are more convenient, they are more expensive. 

Step 4:     Take your first tulle strip and fold it in half and place it over your ribbon. 

Step 5:     Your next step will be to bring the open end (or the end that is not the fold) under the ribbon.  I spread the fold out little so that it makes looping the open end easier.

Step 6: Pull the open all the through the hole and pull tight. Then slide the piece all the over to one end next the knot.

Repeat Steps 4-6 for each piece of tulle until the space between the ribbon is full.

If you want to add ribbon to your tutu, decide where in your tutu you would like to add the ribbon. Your ribbon lengths should be the same length as your tulle strips (but the width will deepend on the ribbon you have chosen). Your ribbon will attach the same way as your tulle. On this particular tutu I attached the ribbon after every 16 pieces of tulle.

Once you have attached all of your tulle and ribbon from knot to knot, you have a finished tutu for your princess.

Don't have the time or patience to make your own tutu but would still love one, contact me for information on prices and customization options. 


  1. This would be great for the upcoming NFL season too!

  2. Definitely. If I can't find the ribbon, it can be done in the team colors


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