Sunday, September 25, 2011

Closet Dividers

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I LOVE to organize our closets. Except for our daughter's closet, they are organized length of sleeves followed by color for shirts and for bottoms, by length (shorts, capris, pants) followed by color. Yes, I m aware that it's crazy but our clothes look good in the closet. HAHA! And it is very easy to keep up with. Anyhow, with Jordyn, her clothes are a little different. Since she (and every other baby) changes sizes so often the first year, I have her clothes divided by size and within those sizes by color. I have many different sizes hung up in her closet and my husband just doesn't get that they are organized by size. He thinks if it's hung up, then it must fit her now. So I have come home from work many days with 7 month old baby wearing 12 month clothes. It's quite a site to see.

I have decided I needed to do something so that Jordyn is wearing the right size clothes, and what better way to make it easier for my husband to pick out clothes when I am not home then Closet Dividers.

These dividers are super simple, and inexpensive.

Here's what you need to get started:

Thin cardboard (I used a cereal box, but you can use a gift box too)
Scrapbook Paper
Pen, Pencil, or Marker
Something round to help make your dividers (I used a formula lid)
Smaller round object for the hole in the center (needs to be slight larger than the pole for the closet rack)
Mod Podge and Foam Brush ( Can you believe I forgot to put that in the picture?)

1. Take your large round object and trace it onto the cardboard.

2. Slide your round object up some but be sure to overlap your first circle and trace your object

3. Using a straight edge connect the edges of circles together so that you form an oval on the outer shape.

4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for as many dividers as you want.

5. Cut out your dividers on the outer lines for all your dividers

6. Next use your smaller circle to trace a circle that will be cut out for the hole that will hang up the dividers.

7. Use your straight edge to draw a a line from the inner circle to the edge of cardboard. (This is what will allow you to hang up the dividers.

8. Cut out the holes and cut the line of your dividers.

9. Take your scrapbook paper and trace your dividers on the papers of your choice. Be sure you trace your divider once on each side. After tracing your paper, cut out the paper and match them up with each divider.

10. Place a thin layer of Mod Podge on one side of your divider. Line up your paper and apply the paper. Flip your divider over and repeat the process for the other side. Repeat this step for all of your dividers.

11. Lastly, label your dividers. You could be more creative than I was on this step. You don't have to write on them. You could use scrapbook stickers or anything else you choose. Use your imagination.


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