Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Repurpose Wednesday: Lego Table

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I am super excited to share this project with you today! I found this project when I first joined pinterest. It's from a FABULOUS blog, Skip To My Lou. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. It's great!

When I found her Ikea Table turned Lego Table I knew I had to make one for my Lego-loving 6 year old.

We don't have an Ikea close to us. The closest Ikea is 5 hours away in Atlanta. I know, it's horrible. I looked for the side table they used online but it is only sold in stores, so ordering online was out. Originally I was going to have my husband build the table, thinking it wouldn't cost that much to build the table. And it's not terribly expensive but more than I thought or was hoping it be. We instead found this Parsons side table from Walmart. Online it shows it for $18 but we paid $12.99. This was definitely cheaper than building the table ourselves. Plus we had already spent enough on the base plates. Those suckers get costly.

Materials Needed
End Table approximately 20" x 20" (click here to see the table we used)
1 Extra Large Gray Lego Base Plate
4 Regular Green Lego Base Plates
Contact Cement (this link is for a 3 oz bottle). We bought a 16 oz can from Walmart and barely used any so I say this is enough but I don't want to promise
Foam Brush
X-Acto Knife
Level or Ruler
Painter's Tape

1. Center the gray base plate on the table and secure with painter's tape. You can use all green lego plates and they will fit perfectly on a 20" x 20" table and you won't need to do any cutting.

2. Once the gray plate is secure, then place the green plates around the gray plate. You then want to get under the table to mark a line where you need to cut the green plates. We used legos to hold the green plates to the gray plate so they remained still.

3. Using a ruler or level, cut the marked line with your X-Acto knife. My husband didn't use a ruler and was still able to get pretty straight lines, but I say go with the ruler to make sure.

4. Once all the pieces are cut, place them on the table and secure them to the gray plate using legos. Make sure to carefully remove the painter's from the gray plate as you go.

5. Once all the pieces are connected, remove the now-giant plate.

6. We then used painter's tape around the edge of the table so we wouldn't get contact cement on the sides.

7. Using your foam brush, "paint" some contact cement on the top of the table. The carefully, and kinda quickly (TJ says the contact cement dries pretty quickly) place your giant plate onto the table making sure to place it correctly and push down. Within 15 minutes most of it was dry but to be sure, we place a few books on top and let it sit overnight.

8. The next morning, we checked for any missed spots. For us, it was two corners, but TJ reinforced all four corners with some super glue. You may not need to to do this step if you didn't miss any spots but we noticed we did.

DONE!!! It took surprising a lot less time than I thought it would. Our 6 year old wasn't home when we made this table. He was visiting his grandparents for the week, so we had surprise for him when he came home and he LOVED it. He told me after seeing it, "Thank you! I was just thinking I've been wanting a Lego table." Gotta love 6 year old talk.

Have you made a Lego table? How about a train table? Or any type of activity table for your kids? I want to see it. Submit your photos to the Flickr group and you could end up on Show Me Saturday. You can also post the pics on my facebook page too. If you have a blog, you may link your picture to it as well! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. Lucky guy to have parents like you two.

  2. Thank you! He's a good kid so he deserves it!

  3. Just curious here... How much $$ did you spend to make this table? I know you said you spent 13 bucks on the table itself, but what about the rest of the materials?


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