Monday, December 5, 2011

Make It Monday: Christmas Card Display

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I love Christmas cards and I love to display the cards we receive from our friends and family. But this year I wanted to display them in a different way than in previous years. I was looking around on the internet for some ideas when I came across an idea where a piece of wide ribbon was attached to their wall and then the cards were attached to the ribbon.

I like that idea but I need to change it around slightly. Having a long ribbon attached to the wall won't work in our house with a 10 month old who likes to get into everything. Yes, I could have made the ribbon stop just out of her reach, but the moment someone would pick her up get near the display it would be hers. So, where could I display my cards? 

The kitchen cabinets! It's perfect! They are out of reach of little hands and my kitchen isn't usually decorated much for Christmas. What makes this display even better is how simple it is. Try it out for yourself!

Materials Needed
Wide ribbon 
Packaging tape
Clothes pins
Paint (optional)

1.   I painted all my clothes pin. This is an optional step you skip if you don't have time. Don't have any paint? Try decorating your clothes pins with scrapbook paper and mod podge.

2.   While the paint is drying on your clothes pins, cut your ribbon so that is is long enough to wrap from the top of cabinet to the bottom of cabinet with the ends being taped inside the cabinet door

3.   Once your clothe pins have finished drying, if you painted or decorated them, you can hang up your cards!


Time for your thoughts, comments and suggestions! What did you think of my card display? Would you change anything. I'd love to see your card displays. Did you use my tutorial, or did you come up with a totally different way to display your Christmas cards. Submit your photos (and any comments about it if you choose) to the Flickr page and then look for your submissions Saturday. I can't wait to see yours!


  1. The red ribbon looks so good with your white cabinets! Very cute idea.

  2. So fantastic! Love it on all of the cabinets! And those clothespins are so pretty!!



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