Thursday, December 1, 2011

Organize It Friday: Snack Baskets

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Yesterday, I featured the I Heart Organizing blog as my very first Thankful Thursday post. I listed several projects of mine that Ireally love and also told you to be on the look out today for an organizing project of hers that I have tried out. Well here it is.

Now, this is not my first project of hers that I have completed. My first was the Schoolwork Storage project. There isn't a post on my blog about it (That project was done before I started my own blog.) but you can check out Jen's project here.

Browsing around one of my new favorite blogs I Heart Organizing, I found a new way to store our snacks seen here. I have been dividing out snacks into
individual portions for a while. That has made things really easy especially when we're in a rush to the bus stop in the morning. Dylan can just grab a bag and go and doesn't have to wait on me to fill one up. It also helps out with portion control for everyone, which is great for healthier eating. Previously I had been storing the snacks in a wicker bowl which was too small and it didn't make organizing the snacks very easy. Once I saw this plastic container, I knew it would look SO much better

After dividing our most recent purchase of snacks into individual portions, I then organized them neatly into the basket.

And here it is:

We don't have a pantry in our house so I have placed the basket on the counter so Dylan is able to reach it when he wants a snack!

I also made one for our refrigerated snacks (which was looking a little sparse today):


  1. Love this idea.

  2. Thank you! It has made snack time super easy for us!


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