Saturday, September 10, 2011

Home Management Binder

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Roaming around on pinterest, I have seen lots of organization tips, which is fantastic because I really do want to become more organized but haven't come across anything that strikes me and that I feel might work for me. One thing I have found that I think would be perfect for me and my family is a Home Management Binder, I found from A Bowl Full Of Lemons. She had some great categories and suggested some fantastic printables from Clean Mama's Etsy Shop.

To create your own binder, you will need the following materials:

3 ring binder
hole punch
printables from Clean Mama Printables or any other site you find printables you like

First I want to start by saying that my binder is slightly different than the one on A Bowl Full Of Lemons but very similar.

To start my binder, I had to decide how many and what categories I wanted to use in my binder. These are the categories I chose:
Menu Planning

My first section is the calendar section and I began with this "Week At A Glance" printable from Mommy Tracked, which is a printable recommended by A Bowl Full Of Lemons.  Behind that I have a calendar from Clean Mama Printables, which you can see below. This section also holds my to do lists.

Following my calendar section is my schedules section where I hold all our family schedules: from sports schedules, work schedules, and so on.

My third section is my cleaning section and for my cleaning section I have used more printables from Clean Mama Printables. She has a New Cleaning Kit which has 5 printables to cover all your cleaning lists. There's one for monthly cleaning, weekly cleaning seasonal and so on. It's perfect! Among the printables in my cleaning section, I am also holding "recipes" for different cleaning products I have found on Pinterest.

My fourth section is my menu planning section and where do you suppose I got these printables? You guessed it? Clean Mama Printables. She has a Menu Planning Kit that is incredible! With Monthly and Weekly Menu Planners, Inventory Sheets and Recipe Pages it has it all. I can't wait to make my recipe binder so I can use her recipe pages. Among my planning pages, I hold my shopping lists for the month or week and a contact sheet for any takeout from restaurants we may decide to use.

My fifth section is the finances section. This is where I use Clean Mama's Bill Pay and Budget Kit, which contains budget sheets, checklists and a receipt tracker. I also hold all my bills for the month here so they are all in one place. Once I pay them, I file them away. And in the back of the section I have a contact sheet with my account info and their phone numbers in case I need to call anyone for questions.

My sixth section is my school section. This is where I hold anything school related for my son and my husband. Anything from the lunch menus, to class schedules, to PTA schedules, and so on.

My seventh section is my medical section. And here I hold our emergency medical information sheet for any babysitters that we have that I downloaded from Organized Home. I also keep all of our doctor info and numbers, copies of our insurance cards and immunization forms here as well.

And my final section is my contacts section. It's where I keep numbers for our friends, family, local businesses, doctors, dentists, school numbers, work numbers, the vet and any other numbers I may need. I use contact forms from Organized Home.

WHEW!!! Lots of information all in one place. Just one more to step to a more organized house. Hope it works as well for you as it does for me.

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