Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas Planner

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Pinterest (you can follow me here), I found this Christmas Planner made with a composition notebook, scrapbook paper, ribbon, manila envelopes and some printables. I thought it was adorable, so I had to make one for myself. Besides I wanted to be a little more organized this year anyway, so it's extra exciting.

I followed the directions for the fantastic planner with a few changes. I don't have a large circle punch, like they suggested so I cut my "planner" circle out by hand. I also don't have a scalloped punch, which is why you won't find my "planner" circle with a border. If you have a circle punch large enough, I suggest using it. It would be much easier than cutting by handing

I also didn't ink the edges, but now I wish I had. I like the distressed look and I think it adds a little something extra. It's a completely optional step but I definitely like it.

My tabs varied slightly as might yours to the needs you have. I only used four tabs but their printable gives you eight. My tabs are Calendar, Gifts, Menu and To Do.

For my calendar tab, I used the same calendar site they suggested. I made a monthly calendar and weekly calendars. Just select your weeks and print them out. You then just cut it out and glue it in your planner.

In my Gifts Tab, I chose a few pages from Tip Junkie's Printable Christmas Planner. I shrunk them down to 80% and printed them out and they fit (after cutting them out of course. lol). Here is also where I put my Christmas Card. Christmas Your Way has some fantastic printables, where I recieved my Christmas Card Worksheet. This website also has tons of other Christmas planner worksheets that may be perfect for you and each worksheet allows you to type to fill it it in if you don't want to hand write.

I am SO excited to use my planner. Now that I'm done making it, it's time to fill it in!


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