Friday, February 24, 2012

Organize It Friday: Grocery Bags

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Paper, plastic or reusable? What do you choose? I try very hard to bring my reusable bags with me when I go shopping. Unfortunately, I forget them more than I remember them. I'm working really hard to remember them. One was I do that is by putting them back in the car and keeping them in the car so they are there when I get to the store. But since I have been forgetting them, we have been given TONS of plastic grocery bags. While I definitely know they aren't the most eco-friendly, and am working towards a goal of not using them, I still have them in my house and I do keep them to use a trash bags or a wet clothes bag.

I don't know about you, but my stash of grocery bags can get out of control. And then I saw this idea, where they were being stores in a baby wipes container. GENIUS! They can still be kept under the sink, but can be contained so they don't look so crazy. I love it! What makes this even better is that there is a way to make each bag comes out as you use one.

Materials Needed

Plastic grocery bags
Baby Wipes Container

1.   Close the container, but open the part the allows you to pull the wipes through.

2.   Insert one bag through the opening but leave the handles sticking out.

3.   Take your next bag and straighten it out slip the end of it through the handles of the inserted bag.

4.  Then push it down into the container, leaving the handles out for the next bag.

7. Repeat this until the container if full or until you run of bags.

Now you have condensed your bags into a container that is not so chaotic. And when you need to use one, just pull one out and another pops out a little waiting for the next time you need to use one. So simple and easy!

How do you organize your grocery bags? Share it with me. You can upload your pics and links (if you have a site) via email, the Flickr group, or on my Facebook page and you could end up on Show Me Saturday!


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